Snowman Strain



Snowman  cookies strain is a slimy, squishy and trichomes rich strain. With genetics from his GSC strain, it is sure not to disappoint. This strain has large trichome covered nugs that are light green with burnt orange pistils.  Snowman strain tastes similar to GSC with a hint of vanilla, accompanied by fruity notes in its aroma.


Snowman  Strain

Snowman Strain is a cross between Cookies’ original GSC x Florida Kush. It has a tight bud structure covered in trichomes that make it look almost white. It has a burnt rubber and a pungent fuel-like aroma finish. The Snowman has an earthy, kush and vanilla spice flavour. Find them in their new soft-touch bags.
Snowman cannabis provides a wonderfully euphoric high that’s sure to leave you feeling happy and uplifted. As time passes, your mind is fill with a drowsiness that makes you feel lazy and introspective. As this builds, you’ll be in a state of hunger and sleepiness, although you won’t be fully sedated. With such a high THC level (a minimum of 20%), Snowman marijuana is perfect for treating conditions such as depression, chronic pain, insomnia, appetite loss and chronic stress. Snowman cannabis is sure to leave you feeling frosty.

Effects Of  Snowman 

Alot of users who bought snowman cookies strain said it left a sweet vanilla flavor in your mouth. It is also leads to a cerebral high that causes euphoria and uplifts once spirits. This cookies  strain is perfect for creativeness  or those stuck at work. It heightens your senses and keeps you sharp.The effects of this cookies is elevating and euphoric. Snowman will in general leave the client in an intellectually animating high .The high is completely matched for inventive undertakings and social circumstances. As Snowman’s strong high begins to get comfortable, clients start having detailed and cloudy memories. This loosening up body stone that has left them voracious and sluggish, however not completely quieted.

Outlook Of This Exotic Cookies Strain

Snowman cookies strain is an exceptional aggregate of GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) with secretive starting points. Many sources guarantee that Berner rapper and pal Wiz Khalifa  first proliferated the cut. However Emerald Family Farms has a rendition with a similar name. Snowman is so named for its weighty  trichomes, giving it the presence of being shrouded in new day off. This cookies strain includes a sweet flavor like GSC, with a gritty Kush-loaded aroma improved by vanilla notes.

Where To Buy Snowman Strain

A lot of dispensaries in California and the U.S claim to sell authentic cookies weed. We recommend you visit a cookies dispensary like our or any cookies dispensary for top quality weed at the best prices.

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