Smok Vape Pen 22




Smok Vape Pen 22

Smok vape pen 22 is an industry standard when it comes to the cannabis brands. They have an eye for quality and their oils are of the utmost standard. Their vape pens go through rigorous testing before they are able to come to the market.

The Vape pen 22 has a sleek design. It has diameter of about 22mm and 1650mAh  battery capacity. It’s battery is designed to work specifically with their pens. These batteries have been known to last from a few days to a week based on the kind of user.

A few fun facts about the smok vape pen 22 are:

  • The vape pen can be fully detached and reorganized bring much more ease in cleaning and maintenance.
  • The smok kit comes with:  22m vape pen, 0.3 ohms dual core already installed, additional 0.3 ohms dual core.
  • It also comes with a USB charging cable and a user manual.

The Technology Behind Vape Pen 22

The Strip coil is the ingenious invention that makes smok pens tick. It is made from Kanthal. They successfully created a porous heating membrane that increases surface for absorption. This leads to better absorption of e-juice. It’s larger heating and radiation area make it heat evenly. In comparison to other coils, strip coils easily load higher power.

Where To Buy Vape Pen 22

Many dispensaries in the U.S will claim to sell authentic Smok pen products. Most of these are fake and not reliable. We recommend you make your purchase from a licensed dispensary like ours. We also sell to retailers for some bulk orders but we do also recommend their official website. At Shop THC Vapes you can purchase quality THC carts such as Dime carts, Muha med carts, platinum vape and many more.


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