Raw Garden Carts


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Raw Garden Carts

Raw garden is a long term brand in the cannabis industry known for it’s perfectionist behaviour. They have launched a new brand of cartridges known as Raw garden live resin carts. These carts have flavor profiles which are wonderful to taste. Following their rigorous standards and testing they were able to come up with a cart that is truly exquisite.

Raw Garden Live Resin Carts: Real or Fake

After a seat down with the Raw garden Farms team. They were quite appalled with the increase of fakes and copycats all over the market. They did however advise that it was quite easy to identify fakes and the real carts.

  • The Box Packaging: Due to the simple nature of raw garden boxing it makes it easy for counterfeiters to replicate it.  Nonetheless, a lot of these carts use card board that isn’t white but a bit grey out. That is a first red flag.
  • Raw Garden Sticker: All raw garden products such as their resin and pens sold from legitimate dispensaries will carry their license number.
  • Genuine Raw Garden Serial Number & Batch Number: It is quite difficult to verify the legitimacy of serial numbers as they start with varying letters: CA, L or M for a start. A lot of fakes however begin with HV221. So, if you have a cart with such a serial number then be sure you have a fake.

Where To Buy Raw Garden Carts:

A friend of mine asked, “where should I then buy these carts?”. Simple, to get authentic raw garden products, if you are a retailer like us, then visit raw garden farms. If you just want a cart for recreational use then ensure you get it from a licensed dispensary like ours. At Shop THC Vapes, it is our mission to provide the highest quality THC carts at the best prices such as dime carts and muha meds carts.


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