Pomelo Cookies Strain


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Pomelo Cookies Strain

Pomelo is an indica-inclining mixture cannabis strain reared solely by Cookies. Named after the huge splendid organic product that exposes its name. Pomelo is an energetic strain that gives clients a cheerful head high and combines well with exercises like mingling and computer games with companions. This strain has a fragrance that unsurprisingly possesses a scent like unpleasant citrus however tastes sweet like a ready stone natural product – think peaches and apricots. Pomelo is a lovely strain with thick, chilly trichomes and dazzling orange hairs. Cookies is one of the more well-known producers in California, but many of their genetics remain a mystery.


Patients suffering from anxiety, insomnia and more use this strain due to the following effects:

  • Cerebral effects that lifts your spirit
  • Relaxing body high
  • It has a full body effect that lives you slightly disoriented.

This hard-hitting bud packs a super unique flavor and high THC level into each and every toke. Pomelo Cookies for Sale

Where to buy Pomelo Strains

Pomelo Cookies strains can be gotten from cookie dispensaries all over the U.S. To buy top quality strains then visit our shop. You can also sample some of our other cookie strains such ice cream cake strain, cheetah piss and more.

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