Lions Breath Carts


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Lions Breath Carts

Lions breath carts is a new cartridge that is taking the cannabis industry by storm. Testing at up to 94.55% THC, these cartridges can satisfy even the most veteran smoker. These carts come with a standard 510 thread battery common to most thc carts such as raw garden carts, smok vape pen, brass knuckles carts and more.

About Lions Breath Cartridges

Both Infinite Chemical and Encore are located in Southern California, so we can probably peg the party behind Lion’s Breath as somebody in California. The zip code 90036 checks out as central L.A. Due to the popularity of the Lion’s breath carts. It has led to the influx of a lot of fake cartridges into the market.

How To Spot Fake Lions Breath Carts

A fake cartridge is likely not to have a qr code at the back of the box.  If  you do not see this code then your cartridge is probably a fake.

Used For Modern Day Treatments

Some benefits of thc carts include:

Where To Buy Lions Breath Cart Online

There are alot of dispensaries especially in California, claiming to sell authentic lions breath carts but most of these are fake. We recommend you buy your cartridges from a licensed dispensary like ours. At shopthcvapes we are known for the highest quality cartridges in California.  Buying fake lions breath cart might not only leave you with a bad taste in the mouth but might leave you hospitalized sometimes.

Buy Lions breath cartridges online today at the best prices.


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