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Choices Carts

Choices carts are a top quality thc brand from the choices labs. These carts have a high degree of purity. We had these carts tested and found no metals and residual solvents. These carts come in 2 500mg per cart. After, discussing with some members of the choices labs. We could see that they were very passionate about their project. All of their carts are lab tested to ensure safety of cannabis consumers.

Choices Carts Flavors

Choices  carts have a variety of flavors for cannabis users to savor. Some popular flavors include: Bubblegum & Blueberry, Sunset Sherbet & Wedding Cake, Juicy Fruit &  King Louie, Nothern Lights & Sour Apple just to name a few. These carts are popular in the UK and Australia because they have some hallucinogenic effects which are similar to that of One up mushroom bar.

How to Spot Fake Choice Cart?

It is quickly becoming a new trend in the cannabis industry for copycats to emerge once a cartridge gains popularity. That is no difference with the choices carts, a lot of fakes are already in the market now. After having a meeting with their team, they were able to help us know how to identify fake carts.

  • Firstly, Scan the QR code at the back of the carts.
  • Scratch the code at the back of the box to reveal the code.
  • Use your mobile to scan the QR code, The codes on the box should match.

Where To Buy These Carts

They are a lot of fake dispensaries in the U.S claiming to sell authentic carts but most are lies. Though the choices labs don’t yet have an official site but you can get real carts from our shop. Both retailers and individuals can buy these carts in our shop for the best prices. We also have top cartridges such as springfield farms carts, boom carts, eureka carts, Honeycomb carts, moxie carts, dime carts, muha meds carts and much more.


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