Berry Pie Strain


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Berry Pie Strain

Berry Pie Strain is a sativa marijuana strain bred by Cookies x Seed Junkie Genetics. Just like the name suggests, Berry Pie packs a sugary sweet aroma that smells similar to freshly made bluberry waffles. It also has a creamy, tart flavor.

The high you get from this strain will give you a head high that is euphoric but energizing enough to keep you focused. Berry Pie comes in stalky, frosty nugs with contrasting colors of green blended together by bright orange hairs. Medical marijuana patients choose Berry Pie for its uplifting qualities that help relieve symptoms related to depression and fatigue.

Similar to many strains from the cookies fam such as grenadine cookies, ocean beach strain to name a few. The genetics of this strain are kept secret but we suspect it got from crossing GSC with the blue dream strain.

To buy the best quality cookies strains only visit our dispensaries as they are a lot of fakes out there. We have the best cookies strains guaranteed to keep you glued to your couch.

Though a recently released strain, berry pie has already received a lot of great reviews and is definitely a strain to try out. A few people said:

  • It smelled amazing, had a berry taste not too heavy. It helped immensely with my scoliosis pain, and made me one happy girl! All my stress and anxiety just melted away along with my pain.
  • Well I Got it as Berry Pie Fire but I’m sure it’s the same thing. 1st off, just by looks alone A++ 🤩🤩 Wow Gorgeous Hues of Purple all Throughout with Hints of Blue. It also has a Dark Green in the mix. It all Shimmers and truly Sparkles under a Flashlight with Orange Hairs all over that Just Stand out especially in contrast to the Darker Bud.

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