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Dank carts

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Dank vapes flavors

lab tested, all natural, no PG, PEG, VG. 100% dank. THC 80-85%

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Vapes use convection or conduction (and in some cases a combination of both) technology to “vaporize” your materials rather than relying on combustion, which creates smoke. Even the most natural rolling papers and cigar wraps add more materials to your herbs and tobacco smoke than you might desire. Vaporization, on the other hand, allows you to inhale pure vapor from herbs or oils to achieve the maximum effect. Vaporizers prevent combustion from occurring, which releases toxic components as a byproduct. Instead, vaporization converts the contents of dry herbs into the gas phase without generating unwanted byproducts. Vapes allow you to smoke without any worry about your health, and they are often technologically advanced. 

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