What Is Cannabis Shatter?

1Cannabis shatter

This cannabis concentrate burst on the scene in early 2010s, and quickly became one of the most popular extracts. And rightfully so – it looks mesmerizing and bright, and it is also easy to use compared to other extracts.

Shatter is a type of BHO or Butane Hash Oil, alongside wax https://silverstemcannabis.com/news-articles/what-is-cannabis-wax-everything-you-need-to-know, sap, budder and others. Shatter stands out with its golden color and unique consistency and its name comes from the fact that the final product is pressed into a sheet that is easily broken or “shattered”.

How Is 5e Shatter Made?

1Cannabis shatter

Extracting all the cannabis essentials when creating shatter is done using liquid butane as a solvent. It flushes the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter. The resulting oil is then cleaned, whipped and heated in the oven to filter out solvents. It is then cooled forming a beautiful, yellow, translucent mass, with glass-like texture. Shatter has a high THC content of about 80%, although some manufacturers focus on high CBD and low THC.1

How to Use Shatter 5e?

Concentrates are popular among consumers for being potent, fast acting and providing a wide range of terpenes, while not having to inhale smoke in most cases.5e shatter

Consumption of concentrates is generally the same for various types, but some are easier to handle than others. Shatter is considered to be one of the easiest extracts to use, thus recommended for people new to dabbing. And it is aesthetically pleasing as well.

You can use shatter 5e in one of the following ways:

Dab it. Dabbing means heating up and inhaling cannabis concentrates using special equipment. It can be a dab rig and a torch lighter or e-nail, similar to a bong. Or a bit simpler tool would be a nectar collector, which acts like a humming bird – you move its heated tip of the collector over extract and inhale it.

Mix it with flower. This is what is called topping off or twaxing – when you place a concentrate like shatter, wax, or kief over your flower packed in a bowl, joint or a blunt.

Vape it. This can be done either by using a special vaporizer made for concentrates.


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